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The Thomas Jefferson Awards Program The Thomas Jefferson Awards Program

The Thomas Jefferson Awards Program is a competition for military print and broadcast products. The annual contest is sponsored by the American Forces Information Service and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs to stimulate and reward excellence and professionalism in military print and broadcast media.

Prior to the annual Thomas Jefferson Awards contest, each service judges its own entries and selects the best entry in each category to represent that service in the final inter-service competition.

For the Air Force, it's the Air Force Media Contest.
For the Army, it's the MG Keith L Ware Journalism Awards Competition.
For the Coast Guard, it's the Alex Haley Journalism Awards.
For the Navy, it's the The Chief of Information ''CHINFO'' Merit Åwards.

The deadline for submission of Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force entries is April ___.


Print Category A: Metro Format Newspaper


Category D ( Civilian Enterprise Newspapers [Metro] )

First Place: The Flagship, Public Affairs Office, Naval Base Norfolk, Va.

Primary Contributor: Petty Officer 1st Class Sandra Ramirez

Significant Contributors: Scott Vanier; Skip Groce; Jim Ferrell; Petty Officer 2nd Class Cynthia Sykes

Second Place: Inside the Turret, Public Affairs Office, Fort Knox, Ky.

Primary Contributor: Larry Barnes

Significant Contributors: Sgt. Stacy Wamble; Sgt. William Wilczewski; Spc. Adriane Foss; Pfc. Tina Sosack

Print Category B: Tabloid Format Newspaper


Category E ( Civilian Enterprise Newspapers [Tabloid] )

First Place: Rotovue, Joint Public Affairs Office, Marine Corps Air Station New River, Jacksonville, N.C.

Primary Contributor: Cpl. Laura Chambers

Significant Contributors: Sgt. Jeremy Heltsley; Cpl. Brandon Rizzo; Cpl. John Watts; Cpl. Christopher Lowe; Cpl. Ivrol Hines

Second Place: Jet Observer, Public Affairs Office, Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, Va. Primary Contributor: Annette Hall

Significant Contributor: Cathy Heimer

Print Category C: Magazine Format Publication
( other than Flagship Publication, Category O )


Category F ( Newspapers [Magazine Format] )

First Place: The Checkerboard, 99th Regional Support Command Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Reserve, Oakdale, Pa.

Primary Contributor: Jack Gordon

Significant Contributors: Maj. Greg Yesko; Master Sgt. Steve Opet; Staff Sgt. Kelly Luster; Spc. Chris Coleman

Second Place: Leading Edge, Public Affairs Office, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio Primary Contributor: Capt. Stephanie Holcombe

Significant Contributors: Lt. Col. Dorothy Baker; Chris McGee; Rudy Purificato; Rob Ely; Tech. Sgt. Darrell Lewis

Print Category D: Newsletter Format Publication


Category C (Military-Funded Newspaper, Newsletter)

First Place: The Maryland Musket, 29th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Maryland Army National Guard, Baltimore, Md.

Primary Contributor: Sgt. Cesar Soriano

Significant Contributors: Sgt. Ed Rollins; Spc. Christopher Lew; Spc. George Roache; Spc. Rob Bishop

Second Place: Air Scoop, Naval Air Engineering Station Public Affairs Office, Lakehurst, N.J.

Primary Contributor: Kathleen Bozan

Significant Contributors: Darlene Nye; Larry Lyford; Sandy Miller

Print Category E: News Article


Category G (News/Article)

First Place: 2nd Lt. Erin Bradley, 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office, Langley Air Force Base, Va., "Hero's Quick Reaction Saves Man's Life"

Second Place: Spc. Aaron Reed, 100th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment, Texas National Guard, Austin, Texas, "Texas Citizen- Soldiers Continue Search For Flood Victims"

Print Category F: Feature Article


Category H (Feature Article)

First Place: Master Sgt. Robert Haskell, National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Office, Arlington, Va., "Campus for Climbers"

Second Place: Sgt. Pauline L. Franklin, Marine Barracks Public Affairs Office, Washington, D.C., "War"

Print Category G: Commentary


Category I (Commentary)

First Place: Lance Cpl. Abigail Labin, Camp Butler Public Affairs Office, Okinawa, Japan, "John Glenn – A Hero for Us All"

Second Place: Kevin J. Hynes, Nebraska National Guard Public Affairs Office, Lincoln, Neb., "'Saving Private Ryan' Causes Tough Questions"

Print Category H: Sports Article


Category J (Sports Article)

First Place: Martha Thorn, U.S. Naval Academy Public Affairs Office, Annapolis, Md., "Spin-Outs Don't Discourage Naval Academy Cyclist"

Second Place: Spc. Katrina N. Ingram, Public Affairs Office, Fort McClellan, Ala., "Showdown at Miller Arena"

Print Category I: Series

Print Category J: Stand-Alone Photograph


Category K (Single or Stand-Alone Photograph)

First Place: Sgt. Annette B. Andrews, 1st Infantry Division Public Affairs Office, Wurzburg, Germany, "Pre-Ranger"

Second Place: Sgt. Brandon J. Swenson, 12th Marine Corps District Public Affairs Office, San Diego, Calif., "The Writing Is on the Wall"

Print Category K: Photojournalism


Category L (Picture Story)

First Place: Senior Airman Quinton Burris, 1st Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office, Langley Air Force Base, Va., "Pyramid Troops Come Home"

Second Place: Cpl. Jerry D. Pierce, Marine Corps News, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C., "In

Category M (Photojournalism)

First Place: Chief Petty Officer Robert D. Wyman, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Public Affairs Office, New London, Conn., "Setting a New Course Aboard the Eagle"

Second Place: Spc. Tom Findtner, I Corps and Fort Lewis Public Affairs Office, Fort Lewis, Wash., "British Steel"

Print Category L: Art / Graphics in Support of a Publication


Category N (Illustrative Art)

First Place: Larry Parkhurst, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Wash., "Honoring Our Veterans"

Second Place: Staff Sgt. Bill King, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs Office, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, "Untangling the Net"

Print Category M: Contribution by Contractor/Stringer (Writer) Print Category M: Contribution by Contractor/Stringer (Writer)


Matt McFarland (right), an Army contract reporter, won the award in the Contribution by a Contractor or Stringer (Writer) category for his Aug. 25, 2005 news article, "Post gas station does record business." This is his first journalism award.


Category R (Contribution by Contractor/Stringer)

First Place: Cindy Allen, 60th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs Office, Travis Air Force Base, Calif., "With Proper Respect"

Second Place: Clancy Wahl, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Transatlantic Programs Center Public Affairs Office, Winchester, Va., "Conquering Kili"

Print Category N: Contribution by Contractor/Stringer (Photographer)

Print Category O: Outstanding Flagship Publication

Print Category P: Outstanding Flagship Writer

Print Category Q: Outstanding Flagship Website


Category Q (Outstanding Flagship Publication)

First Place: All Hands Magazine, Naval Media Center, Washington, D.C. Significant Contributors: Lt. Paula Dunn; Lt. Tyrus Lemerande; Marie Johnston; Chief Petty Officer Steve Burghardt; Petty Officer 1st Class Rhea Mackenzie; Petty Officer 3rd Class Lena Gonzales; Petty Officer 2nd Class Joseph Gunder; Petty Officer 2nd Class Brigette Barnes; Petty Officer 2nd Class Jeremy Allen; Petty Officer 2nd Class Ron Schafer; Petty Officer 1st Class Rodney Furry; Petty Officer 1st Class Jason Thompson; Petty Officer 1st Class Jim Hampshire; Petty Officer 1st Class Robert Benson

Second Place: Soldiers Magazine, Fort Belvoir, Va. Significant Contributors: Lt. Col. Ray Whitehead; Lou Walker; Gil High; Randolph Thomas; Paul Crank, Helen VanHoose; Steve Harding; Heike Hasenauer; Sgt. 1st Class John Brenci; Staff Sgt. John Valceanu; Staff Sgt. Alan Moore

Print Category R: Web-base publication

Print Category S: Outstanding New Writer

Print Category T:
Dept. of Defense Print Journalist of the Year


Category S (DOD Print Journalist of the Year)

First Place: Beth Reece, 221st Base Support Battalion Public Affairs Office, Wiesbaden, Germany

Second Place: Petty Officer 1st Class Scott A. Thornbloom, Pacific Fleet Public Affairs Office, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii


Thomas D. Segel is a retired Marine combat correspondent and former Texas state official. Twice recognized for valor, he holds the Bronze Star and was also awarded the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, in addition to two Purple Hearts and Joint Service Commendation Medal, along with Navy, Army and two Air Force Commendation Medals. In 1973 he was named Military Journalist of the year and received the Thomas Jefferson Award for journalistic excellence. He is a past national president of the United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association and now resides is Harlingen, Texas.


Category O (Special Achievement in Print Media)

First Place: National Guard Bureau Public Affairs Office, Arlington, Va., "Adapting the Force"

Primary Contributor: Charles Gross

Significant Contributor: Master Sgt. John Malthaner (ANG)

Second Place: 12th Marine Corps District Public Affairs Office, San Diego, Calif., "Marines West"

Significant Contributors: Gunnery Sgt. Earnie Grafton; Sgt. Jason C. Huffine; Sgt. Brandon J. Swenson

Category P (Open Writing)

First Place: Tech. Sgt. Pat McKenna, Airman Magazine, Air Force News Agency, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, "Unknown No More"

Second Place: Heike Hasenauer, Soldiers Magazine, Fort Belvoir, Va., "Work and Play – Alaska Style"

Broadcast Category A: Radio Entertainment Program


Category A (Radio Entertainment Program)

First Place: "Eagle FM Morning Show"

Primary Contributor: Airman 1st Class Robert Davis AFKN Yongsan, Korea

Second Place: "Ace in the Morning"

Primary Contributor: Staff Sgt. Veronica Aceveda Detachment 15, Air Force News Agency, AFKN Yongsan, Korea

Broadcast Category B: Radio Spot Production


Category B (Radio Spot Production)

First Place: "Language"

Primary Contributor: Staff Sgt. Chris Mitchell AFN-Shape, Mons, Belgium

Second Place: "Christmas Day Promo"

Primary Contributor: Petty Officer 3rd Class Kirk Boxleitner

Significant Contributor: Staff Sgt. J.E. White AFN Iwakuni, Japan

Broadcast Category C: Radio News Report


Category C (Radio News Story)

First Place: "Air Medical Evacuation Team in Kuwait"

Primary Contributor: Staff Sgt. John Davis

Significant Contributor: Senior Airman Noah Berg Det 4, AFNEWS/News, Ramstein Air Base, Germany

Second Place: "Holiday Food Baskets"

Primary Contributor: Petty Officer 2nd Class Scott Boyle Naval Media Center Broadcast Detachment Sigonella, Italy

Broadcast Category D: Radio Feature Report


Category D (Radio Feature Story)

First Place: "Arlington Ladies"

Primary Contributor: Staff Sgt. Jennifer L. Braden Soldiers Radio and Television/News, Alexandria, Va.

Second Place: "Mascalucia Animal Shelter"

Primary Contributor: Petty Officer 1st Class Matthew A. Gowan Naval Media Center Broadcast Detachment Sigonella, Italy

Broadcast Category E: Radio Sports Report


Category E (Radio Sports Story)

First Place: No Award

Second Place: No Award

Honorable Mention: "Swim Champs" Primary Contributor: Diana Dawa

Significant Contributor: Spc. Rebecca Walker (ARNG) HQ USAREUR and 7th Army OCPA-ENB, Heidelberg, Germany

Broadcast Category F: Radio Newscast


Category F (Local Radio Newscast)

First Place: "Kaiserslautern Radio News"

Primary Contributor: AFN Kaiserslautern News

Significant Contributors: Jerry Cormier; Staff Sgt. Jim Mitchell; Spc. Julianne Woods; Senior Airman David Levy; Airman 1st Class Jenn Hartzell

Second Place: "Eagle 810 News"

Primary Contributor: Senior Airman Mark Santelia

Significant Contributor: Spc. Dan Millbauer Det 10, AFNEWS, Radio Section, Yokota, Japan

Category G (Regional Radio Newscast)

First Place: No Award

Second Place: Tie -- "6pm AFN PM Edition"

Primary Contributor: Roger Williams Hq AFNE News, Frankfurt, Germany

Second Place: Tie -- "Air Force Radio News"

Primary Contributor: AFNEWS/NSOE

Significant Contributors: Master Sgt. Will Norris; Tech. Sgt. Charles Ramey; Senior Airman Gerald Bryza; Senior Airman Brett Baker; Airman 1st Class Robert Lovitt Air Force News Service, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas

Broadcast Category G: Radio Information Program

Broadcast Category H: Television Information Program


Category H (Television Information Program)

First Place: "ROTC Advanced Camp"

Primary Contributor: Capt. Arnold V. Strong

Significant Contributors: Tim Tribble; Martin Diaz-Munoz; Public Affairs Office-ROTC Advanced Camp Headquarters, 4th Region (ROTC), U.S. Army Cadet Command, Fort Lewis, Wash.

Second Place: "Poland's Road to NATO"

Primary Contributor: Staff Sgt. Dave Johnson Detachment 1, AFNEWS, Frankfurt, Germany

Broadcast Category I: Television Spot Production


Category I (Television Spot Production)

First Place: "The Date"

Primary Contributor: Spc. Doug Boyles Public Affairs Office, Fort Campbell, Ky.

Second Place: "Alcohol"

Primary Contributor: Gunnery Sgt. Bob Beyer

Significant Contributor: Cpl. Amos Kelso AFN Iwakuni, Japan

Broadcast Category J: Television News Report


Category J (Television News Story)

First Place: "USS Carney Rescue"

Primary Contributors: Petty Officer 1st Class David Kosling; Petty Officer 1st Class Michael Raney Navy/Marine Corps News, Washington, D.C.

Second Place: "Florida Fires"

Primary Contributor: Staff Sgt. Scott Malone Significant Contributor: Thomas M. Taylor Army and Air Force Hometown News, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas

Broadcast Category K: Television Feature Report


Category K (Television Feature Story)

First Place: "Grandma Toasty Toes"

Primary Contributors: Petty Officer 1st Class Monica Hallman; Petty Officer 2nd Class Rick Poorman; Petty Officer 1st Class David Kosling Navy/Marine Corps News, Washington, D.C.

Second Place: "Battle Focus Training"

Primary Contributor: Airman 1st Class Dan Galindo Hq AFNE/News, Frankfurt, Germany

Broadcast Category L: Television Sports Report


Category L (Television Sports Story)

First Place: "Perimeter Challenge"

Primary Contributor: Spc. Joe Smith XVIII Airborne Corps Public Affairs Office, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Second Place: "1998 Armed Forces Softball Tournament"

Primary Contributors: Petty Officer 3rd Class Scott Prather; Cpl. David J. Annarino Navy/Marine Corps News, Washington, D.C.

Broadcast Category M: Local Television Newscast


Category M (Local Television Newscast)

First Place: "Inside Iwakuni"

Primary Contributors: Staff Sgt. Lawrence Torres III; Sgt. Nikki Ables; Cpl. Matthew Kell

Significant Contributor: Gunnery Sgt. Bob Beyer AFN Iwakuni, Japan

Second Place: "Southwest Side"

Primary Contributor: Senior Airman Craig A. McKee

Significant Contributor: Tech. Sgt. Dave B. Nolley AFNEWS, Detachment 1, AFN Heidelberg, Germany

Broadcast Category N: Regional Television Newscast


Category N (Regional Television Newscast)

First Place: "Army Newswatch"

Primary Contributor: Soldiers Radio and Television

Significant Contributors: Staff Sgt. Terry Anderson; Staff Sgt. Scott Speaks; Staff Sgt. Angele Ringo; Staff Sgt. Jennifer L. Braden; Sgt. Bonnie Harrell; Staff Sgt. Javier Hernandez; Gail McCabe; Lt. Col. Paul Little; Jay Harrell; George McNamara Soldiers Radio and Television, Alexandria, Va.

Second Place: "Air Force Television News"

Primary Contributor: Air Force Electronic News (AFNEWS/NSOE)

Air Force Electronic News, AFNEWS, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas

Broadcast Category O: Television Newsbreak

Category P: Command Information Campaign


Category O (Command Information Campaign)

First Place: "Make Misawa Beautiful" Primary Contributor: Detachment 12, AFNEWS Misawa Air Base, Japan

Second Place: "Shipshape Spots" Primary Contributor: Navy/Marine Corps News Navy/Marine Corps News, Washington, D.C.

Broadcast Category Q: Outstanding New Broadcaster

Broadcast Category R: Dept. of Defense Broadcast Journalist of the Year


Category P (DoD Broadcast Journalist of the Year)

First Place: Staff Sgt. Jennifer L. Braden Soldiers Radio and Television, Alexandria, Va.

Second Place: Cpl. David J. Annarino Navy/Marine Corps News, Washington, D.C.

Broadcast Category S: Outstanding Flagship Television Program

  Military spouse nominated for Jefferson Award

FORT HOOD, Texas (Army News Service, March 31, 2006) – The wife of a Fort Hood command sergeant major has been selected as one of four recipients of the Jefferson Award Medallion for her efforts to improve the Gold Star Family Member programs locally and Army-wide.

Debbie Busch, wife of Command Sgt. Maj. Frank C. Busch, 20th Engineer Battalion, was one of four people selected by KWTX-TV, Channel 10 News, Waco, and Curves International to represent the Austin area.

“The Jefferson Awards, established in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, U.S. Senator Robert Taft Jr. and Sam Beard, were intended to encourage and honor people in their achievements and contributions through public and community service,” said Jonathan Peters, national director of the Jefferson Awards Program.

Winners are awarded regionally as “Grass Roots-Unsung Heroes” by local media partners and other area sponsors, Peters said. They are then submitted to compete on the national level.

“She’s been volunteering since I joined the Army – so literally for the last 24 years,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Busch.

Busch secretly submitted a nomination for his wife after seeing a commercial for the humanitarian award on News Channel 10. It wasn’t until after she had been selected as a winner that an ecstatic Busch told his wife he had nominated her.

The nomination mentioned her leadership of many Family Readiness Groups at company, battalion and brigade levels over the years, her role as vice president of the Fort Hood Enlisted Spouses Club in 2004, her support to the community during the first year of Operation Iraq Freedom and the more than 5,000 hours she has given to communities across the country.

The focus of the nomination, however, was Debbie’s work with the Gold Star Family program. By definition, Gold Star Family members are the next of kin of a member of the military who is killed in combat.


WASHINGTON -- Beth Reece of the 221st Base Support Battalion Public Affairs Office in Wiesbaden, Germany, and Army Staff Sgt. Jennifer L. Braden of Soldiers Radio and Television, Alexandria, Va., are the Defense Department's print and broadcast journalists of the year for 1998.

The two were announced May 5 as top individual winners of the 1998 Thomas Jefferson Awards Program, sponsored by the American Forces Information Service. The annual contest rewards excellence and professionalism in military print and broadcast media.

Journalist of the Year runners up are Marine Cpl. David J. Annarino of the Navy/Marine Corps News in Washington, D.C., print; and Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Scott A. Thornbloom of the Pacific Fleet Public Affairs Office, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, broadcast.

Panels of three print and broadcast judges each scored the entries. Print panelists were Barbara Hines, chair of the Department of Journalism, Howard University; Warren S. Lacy, director for print and electronic publications, The Retired Officers Association; and Robert Robinson, deputy managing editor for sports, USA Today. Broadcast panelists were John R. Turner, associate professor, Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies, Towson State University; Kenneth L. Blaylock, sound man, ABC News; and Naomi Spinrad, producer, NBC News Radio.

Major Kevin P. Murphy Major Kevin P. Murphy

Major Kevin P. Murphy, managing editor, base newspaper, The Scout. The publication earned a Thomas Jefferson Award in 1985 as the best commercial-enterprise newspaper in the Department of Defense.


Category A (Military-Funded Newspapers, Large)

First Place: Naval Reservist News, Naval Reserve Force Public Affairs Office, New Orleans

Primary Contributor: Patricia Antenucci

Significant Contributors: Chief Petty Officer Keith Boydston; Jennifer Fleming; Petty Officer 1st Class Matthew Kendall; Petty Officer 1st Class James Schauer; Chief Petty Officer Patricia Hoar

Second Place: Okinawa Marine, Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler Public Affairs Office, Okinawa, Japan

Primary Contributor: Cpl. Steven Davis

Significant Contributors: Cpl. Scott Dunn; Cpl. Matt Weir; Cpl. Aaron Prater; Sgt. Jennifer Wolf

Category B (Military-Funded Newspapers, Small)

First Place: Associate Press, 446th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office, Air Force Reserve, McChord Air Force Base, Wash.

Primary Contributor: Tech. Sgt. Norman McKay

Significant Contributors: Capt. Joy Caranfa; 1st Lt. Tamara Lewis; Tech. Sgt. Cheryl Kelleigh; Staff Sgt. Stephanie Crudup; Staff Sgt. Collen Roundtree

Second Place: Transatlantic News, Army Corps of Engineers Transatlantic Programs Center Public Affairs Office, Winchester, Va.

Primary Contributor: Denise Tatu

Significant Contributor: Joan Kibler



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