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Vic Beck
  Bell Ringer 2004. Mastermind behind the product launch plan for ATG that was recognized by the Publicity Club of New England as one of the most successful product or services launches between 1/1/03 – 3/19/04

16 years of experience as a Navy Public Affairs Officer in the Reserve.

Captain at US Navy (Government Agency; 10,001 or more employees; Military industry)

1985 – Present (21 years)

Public Affairs Officer, US Navy Reserve

Department of Defense Information School (DINFOS)

Graduate, Public Affairs, April 1990 – August 1990

Publicity Club of New England's Bell Ringer Award

Bellringer Awards
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2005 Award Winners

Bellringer Awards > Overview


The Bell Ringer Awards, sponsored by The Publicity Club of New England, serve to recognize and honor excellence and achievement in the communications and public relations professions.

The 2007 Bell Ringer Awards competition will begin in January 2007. The Call for Entries will be posted in the early part of the year. Deadline for entries will be March 9, 2007.

Since 1969, the Publicity Club of New England's Bell Ringer Awards have been a symbol of outstanding achievement for New England public relations and communications professionals.

Bell Ringer Awards recognize excellence in communications and public relations work in every field and industry, and across all media - print, broadcast and online. While PR professionals who labor along the frontlines of the digital revolution have the same goals as their colleagues who ply their craft in more traditional media - to achieve meaningful results for their clients, companies, organizations and institutions - the tools and techniques they use may differ.

To remain the standard bearer, The Bell Ringer Awards Competition must continuously adapt to ensure that it reflects the evolution and revolution occurring within our industry. What remains constant is the pride and excitement we feel as we once again issue the Call For Entries, inviting one and all to share stories of ingenious plans and brilliant execution and win recognition for your accomplishments.

To meet the market changes and evolution, some of this year’s categories have changed. Please read through all of the descriptions and pay specific attention to the guidelines to assure your success.

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