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The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a global network that provides the content, the credibility and the community to help communication professionals succeed in their careers.

Gold Quill Awards
  Gold Quill Awards. Rewarding excellence. Recognizing the best. The Gold Quill Awards are the mark of global distinction and is the highest level of professional acknowledgement within business communication today. Distinguish yourself and the work of your team. Join an international competition that brings out best examples of thought leadership, strategic management, creativity, resourcefulness and successful solutions the world over. Who can enter? The Gold Quill Awards are open to members and non-members of IABC. Join strategists, managers, practitioners; corporate, government, and not-for-profit communicators; agency executives; photographers; graphic artists; creative conceptualists; tacticians and students to be part of the international best practices this annual competition represents. The 2006 Gold Quill Call for Entries is closed. Please check back in October 2006 for the 2007 Call for Entries. Gold Quill Benefits The 2007 Gold Quill Awards competition: easier, clearer, moving with the times and a good value for your money. If you win, you get: A personalized mounted Gold Quill Award Personal acclaim at IABC’s international conference in 23 - 27 June 2007, New Orleans, LA Personal distinction in the July/August issue of IABC’s magazine, Communication World Personal mention on IABC’s web site Consideration for publication in IABC’s resource materials Use of official 2007 Gold Quill Award Winner logo Automatic evaluation for the Jake Wittmer Research Award and Business Issue Award STUDENT AWARDS COMPETITION The Student Gold Quill Awards competition recognizes excellence in communication at the undergraduate and graduate school level. If you’re a full- or part-time student, consider entering your original work. 2007 Gold Quill Awards If you'd like to be notified in advance of the 2007 IABC Gold Quill Awards send an email to . Save the date 2007 Gold Quill Awards Gala Event Monday, 25 June 2007, New Orleans, LA Thank You IABC wishes to extend special thanks to the following for helping make 2007 Gold Quill happen: Jennifer Wah, ABC, 2007 Gold Quill Awards Chair Jeffrey Ory, ABC, 2007 Gold Quill Awards Vice-Chair

Excel Awards
  EXCEL Award Nomination Deadline: 12 January 2007 The Excellence in Communication Leadership (EXCEL) Award, one of the highest honors IABC can bestow, recognizes a person who is not an IABC member but exhibits leadership in fostering excellent communication. Your help is needed to identify candidates for this prestigious award. EXCEL winners consistently demonstrate vision and leadership in their commitment to effective business communication. This international award is often given to a chief executive officer (CEO), managing director or president. Consider some of our past winners: Rajesh Subramaniam, President of FedEx Canada, who makes communication a key component of his business decision-making and understands the value and importance of strategic communication in achieving business success. Edward (Ned) Barnholt, Chairman, President and CEO of Agilent Technologies, Inc., whose straightforward, easy communication style made it possible for his company to be rated as one of Fortune Magazine’s “ Most Admired Companies” list in 2002 even though Agilent implemented substantial layoffs that year. Richard Schulze, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Best Buy Co., Inc., who increased shareholder value through communication. Lawrence Weinbach, President and CEO of Unisys Corporation, who re-energized company productivity and financial success by implementing more effective employee communication. Through their actions and examples, these executives and all the other EXCEL winners have supported the communication profession and those who practice it. Now I’m inviting you to submit your nomination(s) for the 2007 EXCEL Award. As an international organization, IABC seeks a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates that represent the international business community. There are no restrictions or biases based on size of organization or budget. Because EXCEL is one of our profession's preeminent awards, it is a condition that the award recipient accepts the award in person at the IABC international conference in New Orleans, LA on 25 June 2007. You do not have to be a member of IABC to submit a nomination and you may submit more than one nomination. In addition, more than one person may nominate the same candidate. Separate nomination forms and documentation are required for each nominee. Below is a brief outline of the EXCEL program and criteria, and the nomination form. Required documentation is outlined on the nomination form. All completed nominations should be sent to EXCEL Award Nomination, IABC, One Hallidie Plaza, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA, 94102 USA by 12 January 2007. Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be considered. Help to honor organizational leaders who are champions of outstanding business communication by nominating your candidates for IABC's 2007 EXCEL Award. Sincerely, Meryl David, ABC 2007 EXCEL Award Chair IABC Excellence in Communication Leadership (EXCEL) Award Award Description: The IABC EXCEL Award recognizes contributions to business communication by an organizational leader, who is not a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). These contributions include initiating, directing, supporting or sustaining outstanding and effective communication programs. One award is presented each year, provided a suitable candidate has been identified and nominated by an IABC member or non-member and approved by a majority vote of IABC’s executive board. Criteria: EXCEL nominees will be evaluated on the following points: Skills: Demonstration of exceptional leadership, management and communication skills. Diverse communications audience: Experience and involvement in communication with diverse audiences; some experience in communicating with international or multi-cultural audiences is preferred. Strategy: Use of a communication strategy that demonstrates creativity and innovation and that contributes to the business success of the organization. Commitment to communication: Commitment to the communication programs of all audiences of the organization – internal and external at local, national, and international levels. Personal communication: Effective personal communication with all these audiences; i.e., he or she must be shown to participate in communication, not simply to direct the communication staff in their efforts. Ethics and professionalism in communication: Commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards. Because EXCEL is one of our profession's preeminent awards, it is a condition that the award recipient accepts the award in person at the IABC international conference in New Orleans, LA on 25 June 2007. Please note: Communication and PR professionals are not eligible for this award. Method of Nomination: Any IABC member or non-member can make a nomination. Submissions must be complete, concise and include a video/DVD and supporting documentation featuring the candidate. More than one person may nominate a candidate and the same person may nominate more than one candidate, but each nomination must be on a separate form. All information will be kept confidential. Submissions will not be returned. Entry Fee: US$325 per nomination for IABC members US$475 per nomination for non-members US$605 Join IABC and enter Complete Nomination Form and Forward Nominations to: IABC EXCEL Award One Hallidie Plaza, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94102 USA Phone: +1 415.544.4700 or +1 800.776.4222 in the U.S. and Canada Fax: +1 415.544.4747 For more information contact IABC’s Customer Service Centre The deadline for receipt of nominations is 12 January 2007. Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be considered

Fellow Awards
  Fellow Award Action! Nomination Deadline: 12 January 2007 IABC Fellow is the highest honor our association can bestow on an individual. It is our way of acknowledging outstanding leadership, professional accomplishment and service to IABC and the profession. Fellow Selection Criteria includes all of the following: Contribution to the organizational communication field and profession; career achievement; authorship, speaking and lecturing; contributions to IABC; and other professional recognition such as community activities and other business-related activities. I encourage you to nominate deserving candidates by 12 January 2007. There is a myth that only current Fellows can nominate prospective Fellows – this is quite untrue. Please take some time to consider who is worthy of this unique honor. It is important to note that current IABC Executive Board members — and any person who has served as chairman during the past three years — are not eligible for nomination. Fellow nominations are automatically resubmitted for two years. Nominations must be made on the official entry form. Supporting documents that provide detailed information about how you believe the nominee meets the criteria for the IABC Fellow recognition should be attached to each entry. The Fellow selection committee, comprised of current Fellows from around the world, will evaluate each nomination carefully and recommend a candidate or candidates to the IABC Executive Board in February 2007. The 2007 Fellow will be notified in March and honored at IABC’s international conference on 24 June. Unlike other IABC annual awards, being named a Fellow is a lifetime designation. Clearly, it is IABC’s most distinguished honor. Thank you for your help in recognizing outstanding IABC members who have distinguished themselves through career achievement and contributions to our profession. Sincerely, Tudor Williams, ABC, Fellow 2007 Fellow Selection Chair

Jake Wittmer Awards
Gold Quill: The Jake Wittmer Award The Jake Wittmer Award was established by the IABC Research Foundation, the research and development arm of IABC, to recognize outstanding worldwide research commissioned or developed by an organizational communicator. Jake Wittmer, ABC, (1919-1981) was an IABC chairman and a founder of the organization. He believed that research is inherent to the communication process. The Jake Wittmer Award is given to an entrant who has used research effectively to develop a successful communication program project. All Gold Quill entries that become winners are automatically considered for the award. The 2006 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipient: Heritage Brand Campaign Paul Mlodzik, ABC The Co-operators Guelph, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2005 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipients: Vicki Nesper and Leyla Tandag Publicis Dialog and The Hazelnut Council Seattle, WA “Hazelnuts: Creating a Compelling Food Trend” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2004 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipients: The Vollmer Public Relations Team and Saurage Research Texas Council on Family Violence "Break the Silence. Make the Call." Campaign Laura Stromberg, Jerrod Resweber, Mary Brauer Weber Shandwick Texas Association Against Sexual Assault "Speak Up. Speak Out." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2003 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipient: Safe Driver Recognition Saskatchewan Government Insurance/ Brown Communications Group Regina, SK, Canada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2002 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipient: Anne Forrest Golin/ Harris International Bank Mandiri Global Communications Plan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2001 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipient: Nancy Brenner Manning Selvage & Lee Reaching Out to the Wealthy Media Relations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 2000 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipient: Leah Lechelt Alberta Mental Health Board Edmonton, Alberta CANADA "Mental Illness Public Awareness Campaign" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 1999 Jake Wittmer Research Award recipient is: Deveney Communications New Orleans, LA "NO/Aids Task Force Handbook" 1998 Jake Wittmer Award recipient: The Boeing Communications Team The Boeing Company Seattle, WA "One Company, One Vision: The Boeing-McDonnell Douglas Merger" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1997 Jake Wittmer Award recipient: Daniel Maceluch, ABC Royal Bank of Canada Toronto, ON Canada "Change the Channel, Turn Up the Volume" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1996 Jake Wittmer Award recipient: Judy Shane Fletcher Challenge Limited Auckland, New Zealand "People Development Practices" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1995 Jake Wittmer Award recipient: Randall Pearce Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) Toronto, Ontario, Canada " Leadership Through Communication - CICA Strategic Communications Plan" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1994 Jake Wittmer Award recipient: Commander Edward H. Lundquist Norfolk,VA " Fleet Home Town News Center U.S. Department of the Navy"

Chapter Management Awards

Alex Filip
  Manager of Web & E Communications at FEMA Owner at AFilip Communications Department of Defense Information School PIO, Public Information Officer Course, 1969 Gradutated eighth out of 139 Honors and Awards: IABC Chapter of the Year IABC International Gold Quill Award - Events IABC District 5 Silver Quill Award - Events


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