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Public Relations Hall of Fame

For people who have made significant contributions in the field of military and civilian public affairs.

  Mr. Philipp Neuhauser

  Mr. William J. Corbett

  Maj Charles Loring,, USAF (Deceased)

  Mr. Joseph Epley

  Brig Gen Jerry Dalton, USAF (Ret)

  Col John Christy, USA (Ret)

  CMSgt Rupert (Bob) Strickland, USAF (Ret)

  BG John W. Carlson, USAR (Ret)

  Dr. Jack Rubak

  Mr. Jordan Rizer

  Mr. Patrick Jackson  

  Sgt. Maj. Hal Glassman, USAR (Ret)


Nominations Due November 1, 2008
  Do you know of Defense Information School graduates who should be nominated for the Public Affairs Hall of Fame Award?

Every year, DINFOS recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in their Public Affairs careers and have made significant contributions to their community, state or nation through professional service, public service and civic activities.

Please take a moment to fill in the nomination form for DINFOS alumni who should be recognized! The previous year's award will be presented at the homecoming reception, and new nominees will be voted upon at the annual business meeting held in conjunction with the school’s birthday celebration.


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